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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Electrolysis work?


Electrolysis destroys the follicles capability to reproduce a hair after a series of hair removal treatments.  A small amount of current is applied directly into the follicle during the hair removal process.   There is no puncturing of the skin as some people may think.   You will feel a sensation, but most people find this to be tolerable.  There are topical anesthetics to help people who are more sensitive during the hair removal treatment.


Will My Hair Ever Stop Growing?


Yes it will. Just remember it takes a series of treatments, generally taking 12 to 18 months to achieve true permanence. The time it takes to get permanent results varies with each person and depends on a number of factors including: The extent of the area being treated, heredity, hormonal function, previous types of temporary hair removal used, your sensitivity level, how well you heal, consistency in keeping appointments, and how well you follow treatment instructions.


It is important to realize that time, patience, and commitment are needed in order to overcome a problem that did not develop overnight.


Treatment Schedule

I will provide a suggested treatment schedule upon the first visit. Most clients find that a weekly session of 15-60 minutes is the most effective. As time goes on and the area is cleared, appointments will be spaced further apart and shorter in duration.


The closer you adhere to your treatment schedule, the more effective your treatment program will be in helping you free yourself of hair forever.


Managing Hair Between Treatments

The hair, that you want treated, only needs to be 1/8 to 1/4 inch long. It is very important that you do not tweeze or wax the hair because it would be another 1 to 3 months before that hair would reappear.


Tweezing and waxing are both harmful to the hair follicle. Both types of hair removal stimulate the blood supply to the follicle thus causing, darker, coarser, and more firmly rooted hairs. Tweezed hairs usually require more treatments than regular hairs. You may clip or shave the hairs between treatments.


Please, no more tweezing or waxing to hair you want permanently removed!


Ideas to Make Your Treatment More Comfortable

  • Avoid caffeine 6-10 hours before treatment

  • Don't smoke 2-4 hours prior to treatment

  • You may want to try taking your favorite analgesic, such as Tylenol, Advil, or aspirin, 30 minutes before your treatment.

  • Consider using one of the topical anesthetics (numbing agents) I offer before you arrive for your treatment


Care After Treatment

It takes about 24 hours for a treated follicle to seal shut. It is normal to have some redness and swelling for about 15 minutes to an hour after treatment. Ideally, there should be no visible signs of treatment the following day, but sometimes-residual redness and swelling, bruising, scabs, or even infection can occur.


For these reasons it is imperative that you follow the instructions listed in the after care handout provided at the time of your consultation. If you do have a skin reaction, be sure and tell me so that I can explore the cause and avoid future reactions.



Important Client Information


Everything used in your treatment is thoroughly disinfected. I use only disposable, sterilized probes, sterile tweezers and disposable gloves for your health and safety.

If possible please book your next appointment before leaving If you like a particular time, book out your appointments to ensure that space is reserved for you.

I respect your treatment time and will not interrupt it to take phone calls. In order to keep my treatment prices low, one of my cost saving measures is not having a receptionist that answers the phone.


I do have private voice mail available should you need to call for an appointment and I'm not available to answer your call. Be sure to leave the time and day you are looking for. I will return your call as soon as I am able.

As I work by appointment, I ask to be informed at least 24 hours in advance of any cancellations. This treatment time is set aside especially for you and I reserve the right to charge you for this time if 24 hour prior notice of cancellation is not received.

Promptness is requested to ensure your full treatment time and so as not to inconvenience other clients.

Payments may be made by Visa, MasterCard, personal check or cash at the time of service.


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