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Sun Prairie Clinic of Electrolysis

Welcome to the only permanent choice for hair removal. You are about to make an important investment in yourself, your appearance, and your confidence.

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Here at Sun Prairie Clinic of Electrolysis We offer both privacy and professionalism, on a level that will put you at ease before, during and after your Electrolysis treatments. We always consider what a client may be facing when it comes to dealing with a possible hair problem.


Although many people utilize Electrolysis Hair Removal for beautification purposes, there are just as many people that seek out the services of an Electrologist for hair removal which is in excess of normal. This is called Hirsutism, which basically means excess hair.


This can be caused by a number of factors, including menopause, genetics or medication that you are taking or have taken in the past. An underlying health issue could also cause excess hair, such as an endocrine problem.


Whether you are having your eyebrows done by Electrolysis Treatments, or you are seeking out Electrolysis Treatments for a hair problem, Electrolysis is Safe, Affordable and Permanent!


It has been used successfully since 1875; that is over 130 years!


Electrolysis is the only proven method of Permanent Hair Removal!


Let us give you a Free Confidential Consultation today.